A Big Party for Amsterdammers on March 18

Rembrandt and Amsterdam are inextricably linked. That is why we’d like to give something back to the residents of the city. On March 18, 2023, The Rembrandt House Museum will reopen its doors after a renovation. Amsterdammers are welcome that day to pay a free visit to the house of Amsterdam’s most famous artist. We’re also organizing a number of fun activities. Below you will find the entire program for Amsterdammers in The Rembrandt House Museum.

Amsterdammers Visit the Museum for Free

On March 18, 2023, Amsterdam residents can visit the renovated museum for free on presentation of a postal item! Explore the old and new spaces in Rembrandt’s house and discover the stories of Rembrandt’s life, work, time and city with the new multimedia tour. This festive day will be officially opened at 10 a.m. by the children’s mayor of Amsterdam (Thymen), presenter and actor Sosha Duysker and director of The Rembrandt House Museum Milou Halbesma. Throughout the day we’re hosting fun demonstrations for young and old in the museum: in Rembrandt’s studio you can see how he made his paint and in the new etching attic you can learn how to etch like Rembrandt.

Be sure of your free entry: book a time slot online. Special tickets for Amsterdam residents are also available that day at the box office, taking into account the maximum capacity of the museum.

Walking Route #RembrandtWasHere

Discover the best stories about Rembrandt during the city walk #RembrandtWasHere, including activities at various Rembrandt locations in the Nieuwmarkt Neighbourhood. This was the neighborhood where Rembrandt lived, worked and experienced important life events. For example, Rembrandt and Saskia got married in the Oude Kerk, they buried one of their children in the Zuiderkerk, and Rembrandt bought exotic objects for his art room in the old Brakke Grond inn. You will get to know these and many more beautiful, moving and historical Rembrandt stories during #RembrandtWasHere, in collaboration with, among others, the City Archives, the Oude Kerk, the Waag, the Hermitage, the Zuiderkerk, the Brakke Grond, Huis de Pinto, Tivoli Doelen Amsterdam and Museum Ons Lieve Heer op Solder.

A special program will take place at each of these Rembrandt locations on March 18 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., freely accessible to Amsterdammers. Reservations are not necessary, you can just walk in. You will soon find the full program and the walking route on this page.

Even more Rembrandt in The Rembrandt House Museum

On March 18, The Rembrandt House Museum will also open two special, temporary presentations in the exhibition wing: The Art of Drawing and Titus Returns Home. The exhibition The Art of Drawing features, for the first time in Europe, 74 drawings by Rembrandt, Bol and Maes, among others, from The Peck Collection (Ackland Art Museum, USA), on the spot where Rembrandt himself made his drawings. You hardly get closer to an artist than through his drawings. Unlike paintings and etchings, drawings tell even more about the working method. You can follow the artist’s hand along the drawing lines – whether it’s a quick sketch or a meticulously crafted piece of art.


In the middle of the exhibition The Art of Drawing, you will discover the presentation Titus Returns Home. You’ll come face-to-face with Rembrandt’s iconic painting of his son Titus from the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The young Titus van Rijn stares dreamily over the edge of his desk. Father Rembrandt caught his eye in 1655, when he lived with his family in the monumental building on the Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam. Nearly 400 years later, we managed to get Titus back home – on the spot where Rembrandt’s masterpiece was painted, in the house where Titus was born. The multimedia tour guides you as a visitor in viewing. A kind of guided meditation, but with three options: an art-historical background story, a psychological description of father and son and different types of musical accompaniment. You’ll discover something new every time in Rembrandt’s famous painting.

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