Nowhere in the world do you come closer to Rembrandt than in The Rembrandt House Museum. We want to inspire the world with Rembrandt, his work and his life.

Meet Rembrandt in his own home.

Here, in the heart of Amsterdam, he lived and worked for nineteen years. The house where he started full of ambition, but which he had to leave due to financial problems.

Nearly 400 years later, The Rembrandt House Museum is the only museum in the world entirely dedicated to Rembrandt. Each room in Rembrandt’s house has its own story. Here he experienced joy and sorrow. Here he collected art and rarities from all over the world, educated his students and received his customers. Here he looked out over a rapidly changing city. Here he made his masterpieces. Here he became the greatest.

Step into the seventeenth century. Let yourself be surprised by Rembrandt’s life, his works of art and his perspective on the world around him. The museum owns almost all of Rembrandt’s etchings: a world-class collection. In surprising exhibitions you will discover Rembrandt’s work and his influence on his contemporaries, followers and contemporary artists. Get inspired by Rembrandt, the man and the maker, his home, his city and his time.

Welcome to The Rembrandt House Museum.
You can’t get any closer to Rembrandt than this.

Board of Supervisors, managing board and staff

Board of Supervisors
Jan van der Grinten, chair
Karin van Gilst
Udo Kock
Marcia Sookha
Michaela van Wassenaer
Charlotte Rulkens

Managing Board / Museum Director
Milou Halbesma

Collections & Education
Epco Runia, head of collections & education
David de Witt, senior curator
Leonore van Sloten, senior curator
Nathalie Maciesza, curator of contemporary art and interpretation
Iris Bras-Kost, registrar
Julia Alvares, education & inclusion
Jaleesa Clows, outreach & inclusion
Wim Schot, education

Hester Huitema, head of exhibitions
Silke Drevel, project leader exhibitions

Marketing, Communications & Sales
Marieke de Klein, head of marketing
Anne Akkerman, Press, marketing and communication
Daniella Bruinsma, merchandise and retail
Jeroen Wijnands, sales and events
Lara Nederlof, marketing and communication
Neelam Pugliese, events

Annelies Kronenberg-van der Loo, head of development

Finance & Organisation
Irene Ford, chief executive
Lilian Ramcharan RSE, security manager
Patricia Heshof, financial administration
Carey Dinger, secretariat
Lonneke Sengers, secretariat
Alfons Hutschemaekers, coordinator technology


For more information about The Rembrandt House Museum organisation, please visit this page (in Dutch).

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