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Rembrandt in Amsterdam

Have you always wanted to follow in Rembrandt’s footsteps? We have developed two city walks that take you along the places in Amsterdam that were most important to Rembrandt.

Virtual Walk with Rembrandt

Together with Mastercard, we have developed a virtual walk in which you can explore the city with Rembrandt. Discover where Rembrandt bought the curiosities for his art room, where his patrons lived, where the painters’ guild of Amsterdam was located and where Rembrandt was buried. You don’t need anything for this free virtual walk, except a smartphone (and maybe a pair of comfortable shoes…). You can view the hotspots from home, or follow the route on foot through Amsterdam. Visit and explore the city with Rembrandt!

Guided City Walk

Discover the story of Rembrandt and Amsterdam beyond the museum walls! During our exclusive city walk you will learn everything about the Amsterdammers in Rembrandt’s work. The guide will tell you who they were, where they came from, where Rembrandt drew them or where their portraits hung. Get acquainted with different Amsterdammers: rich and poor, Dutch, Flemish, Jewish or African. You’ll find out that Dutch society in the 17th century was even more diverse than we might have thought. The city walk takes one hour and is available for both individuals and groups. Below you can read more about booking a city walk.

Individual tickets

From April 2, 2023 you can book individual tickets for a city walk. The tour takes place on two Sundays per month and is held in Dutch only. Tickets are €7.50 per person, with a maximum capacity of 15 people per tour. Book your ticket here.

Group tickets

You can also book this city walk as a group for 100 euros per group. A group tour can be held in Dutch or English. Book the tour here.

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