The Rembrandt House Museum has all kinds of fun activities for families with children.

On an adventure with Kwast (from 6 years of age)

Rembrandt was not only a very good artist, he was also a great animal lover. Animals appear in many paintings and etchings. One animal does feature remarkably often: his dog Kwast. Kwast knows all the secret nooks and crannies in the house. An ideal guide! The new multimedia tour takes you on an adventure through The Rembrandt House Museum, together with Kwast.


Can’t get enough of the Rembrandt House Museum? 

Take an example from Rembrandt and make something beautiful. Below you will find a number of activities to be an artist yourself.

Rembrandt’s triangle (from 8 years old)
Have you ever heard anything about Rembrandt’s triangle? Click here to discover it (in Dutch).

Crazy faces (from 8 years)
Rembrandt often sat in front of the mirror to make funny faces. Try it yourself. Download the instruction here and make a self-portrait (in Dutch).

Drawing from life (from 10 years)
Have you ever tried to draw an object very precisely? Not easy yet. Rembrandt was the best at that. Do you want to learn from him? Look here (in Dutch).

From tronie to selfie (from 12 years old)
Rembrandt made tronies, the way we make selfies. Learn a new way of shooting here (in Dutch).

Coloring Page (all ages)
Within the lines or an explosion of creativity: give Rembrandt’s etchings a little color with this coloring page.

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