Celebrate the Summer Holidays at Rembrandt’s Home

In the Summer Holidays, there is plenty to do at Rembrandt’s home! Go on the new multimedia tour with Rembrandt’s dog, Kwast. And paint and etch at Rembrandt’s home!

An adventure with Rembrandt’s dog Kwast

In the free Multimediatour, children together with their parents/guardians go on a quest through the museum to help Rembrandt create his greatest painting ever. They will be helped on this quest by Kwast, Rembrandt’s dog. Kwast is a bit of a naughty dog because actually he has to stay outside in the courtyard, but sometimes one of the maids lets him in and he can sniff around the house. An ideal tour guide and sleuth, then!

Times: daily during opening hours
Age: children aged 6 to 12, parents
Price: free, available at the audio desk


How did Rembrandt make his paint and etchings?

Ouderwetse manier van verf maken

There is a free painting or etching demonstration every day in the museum. In Rembrandt’s studio you will discover how he made his paint and what supplies he used for it – from poisonous lead and bright red lice, to scented linseed oil and even pig’s bladders! Get to work yourself: mix paint on the paint stone and create something beautiful on a canvas. In the etching attic you can see step by step how Rembrandt made his etchings. Extra special: one of his etchings shows Kwast! And everyone gets a print to take home.

Times: Between 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM
Reservations for the multimedia tour or demonstrations are not necessary.


Workshops ‘Etching at Rembrandt’s home’

Rembrandt is not only famous for his paintings and drawings, but also for his etchings. During the spring break, you can make your own etching in the Rembrandt House! In this workshop, you put your own spin on an etching from the museum’s collection. Experiment with Rembrandt’s drypoint technique and make a print in various colors. Finally, you print two prints on the large etching press, which you can take home with you afterwards.


Dates: (click here )
From 1:00 pm till 2:30 pm and from 3:00 pm till 4:30 pm
Age: The ‘Etching at Rembrandt’s home’ workshops are suitable for adults and children aged 6 and over.
Price: €7.50, excluding entrance ticket to the museum. Free with the Stadspas.

Reservations via: Museum Rembrandthuis – online tickets

Daily paint or etching demo’s

Rembrandt and his pupils made their own paints. But which pigments and oils did they use to do so? In the museum you can find out more about Rembrandt’s process of making paint in Rembrandt’s studio every other day between 11.00 and 15.00 hours. You can also learn more about Rembrandt’s etching techniques in our new etching loft. It’s like looking over the artist’s shoulder. Rembrandt made around 300 etchings and dry needles. Each one is a true work of art. He printed them in editions of ten to several dozen. He experimented with different techniques and with different types of paper. The etchings were much less expensive than the paintings and must have sold well. Our museum teachers will tell you about this technique in an interactive way every day.

Activities ‘Directed by Rembrandt’

The curtain rises on Directed by Rembrandt

Rembrandt was a master storyteller, not in words but in images. To do this, he used techniques that were also used in theatre, such as facial expressions, gestures, lighting, costumes and props. And he searched for the moment when the tension was palpable. In the exhibition Directed by Rembrandt, Museum Rembrandthuis puts Rembrandt’s role as director of his works of art in the spotlight for the first time. And reveals how 17th-century painters and theatre-makers inspired each other.

During the exhibition period (2 March to 26 May), activities for young and old will be offered  in and around the museum.


Collaboration with Shady and Shahine El Hamus

From directing to acting. The El-Hamus family can do it all. For the new exhibition Directed by Rembrandt, we could not imagine a better partners to work with than the brothers Shady and Shahine El-Hamus. Shady El-Hamus has already won several awards for his directing skills while still a student at the Dutch Film Academy. In 2018, he made his first feature-length film ‘De Libi’ (Life). Late last year, his feature film Crypto Boy was released on Netflix, starring his younger brother Shahine. Shahine El-Hamus knew already at a young age that he wanted to be an actor. At the age of 19, he won a Golden Calf in the best actor category for his role in the feature film ‘De Belofte van Pisa’.

Like Rembrandt, Shady and Shahine are true storytellers. How do they look at Rembrandt’s work and apply centuries-old techniques to today’s work?

In the exhibition, Shady and Shahine share their insights in the so-called slow watching tour. They look at two of Rembrandt’s masterpieces (Suzanna (1636) and Potiphar’s Wife Accusing Joseph (1655)). What do they think of Rembrandt as a director? Would they have done things differently themselves? Slow watching is part of the free multi-media tour. 


15 minutes of Directed by Rembrandt

From 7 March, every Thursday at 13:00 there will be an on-the-spot narration of the exhibition Directed by Rembrandt by one of our curators. In 15 minutes, visitors will be taken through and immersed in the exhibition. The perfect lunch break! The activity is free, you do not need to book, but a ticket to the museum is required.



Walking with Rembrandt – the ‘Directed by Rembrandt’ edition

A walk between the two locations has been developed by Mastercard especially for the exhibition at Museum Rembrandthuis and the presentation at the Stadsarchief Amsterdam. At nine intermediate stops, people will learn more about Rembrandt and theatre in the area walkwithrembrandt.nl

Where boutique hotel The Dylan is now located, Amsterdam’s first Stasdsschouwburg used to stand. Due to a fire, only the beautiful entrance gate has been preserved. As the last stop of the walk, you can have a ‘Director’s Delight’ cocktail here. A cocktail off the regular menu, and available at  a10% discount on presentation of the walk. Also, cafe-restaurant De Bazel, near the Stadsarchief has a special Rembrandt menu for lunch and dinner: Menus Rembrandt and Theatre – Stadsarchief Amsterdam Book via: cafe-restaurant de Bazel



Stadsarchief. Behind the scenes: Amsterdam theatre in the 17th and 18th centuries

The treasure room of the Stadsarchief Amsterdam hosts a presentation on theatre. You will find original objects and archive documents about theatre in Amsterdam in the 17th and 18th centuries, and about the Amsterdam Schouwburg and its actors. The presentation is free to visit. For more information: Behind the scenes: Amsterdam theatre in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries – Stadsarchief Amsterdam





Guided tours

Guided tour for individuals

On every Saturday and Sunday, you can sign up for a guided tour.

Museum entrance + guided tour ticket for an adult is 27.00 euros.
Museum entrance + guided tour ticket for a student is 17.50 euros

We offer our guided tours in English. Make a booking with guided tour here directly.


Guided tour for groups

Visit The Rembrandt House Museum in a group of up to 15 people, with a guided tour. Museum entrance tickets is 19.50 euros per person, with 1 accompanying person joining the group free of charge.

The supplement for a guided tour is 100 euro (incl. VAT). We offer guided tours in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish. Make a group booking with guided tour here directly.

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