Your donation or legacy is very welcome to realize the ambitions of the museum. Donations are for example used for restoration and renewal of the Rembrandt House, educational programs, research, acquisition and exhibitions. Several private donors have gone before you and we are very grateful for their support. We are happy to discuss with you how you would like to support us and which specific part of our museum activities appeal to you the most. This can be done through a donation or inheritance.


You can donate money to the museum once or periodically. Any amount is welcome and we will give it a good destination. This can be arranged through an agreement or notarial deed.


You can leave a financial amount or artwork to The Rembrandt House Museum through your will. There are several possibilities:

  • Inheritance: the museum receives an inheritance, a certain portion or percentage of your legacy.
  • Legate: you leave a sum of money or artwork from your legacy.

Donations can be made to

IBAN NL 69RABO0177425393 in the name of: Museum Het Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam. The Chamber of Commerce number is: 41199952.

Contact details

For more information or to explore the possibilities, please contact Annelies Kronenberg: or +31(0)20-5200409 / +31(0)6-10700669

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