A multi-sensory museum

The Rembrandt House Museum aspires to be a more accessible and inclusive museum. That is why we worked hard during the renovation to increase accessibility for people with a visual impairment. The museum will reopen on March 18, 2023 with both an audio model and a tactile cross-section of the house. Using the audio model in the entrance area, visitors can (literally) explore and map the architecture and spaces of the museum building and thus better orient themselves during their visit. The tactile cross-section gives an impression of the different rooms of the house and will be part of the prologue narration.

In addition to the models, several scent stations and various tactile objects will be placed in Rembrandt’s old house during the renovation. Scent stations are installations that provide a better impression of a space, time and/or object through scent. Think of the smell of a 17th-century kitchen and the smell of Rembrandt’s studio. The tactile objects with layers and textures will be placed in different rooms of the old house.

The objects were created in collaboration with Geluid in Zicht and Tactile Studio and made possible in part by VSB and the Municipality of Amsterdam

Now on view: Rembrandt & Contemporaries in the Hermitage Amsterdam

On March 18, Rembrandt’s old house on the Jodenbreestraat will reopen after a renovation. Meanwhile, around the corner, in the Hermitage Amsterdam, you can admire 35 paintings by Rembrandt and his contemporaries in the exhibition Rembrandt & Contemporaries, History Paintings from The Leiden Collection. The seventeenth century was the heyday of history paintings, the most acclaimed genre at the time. Rembrandt’s paintings and his conviction that a true painter should be a history painter are the leitmotif of the exhibition. Let yourself be carried away by scenes full of gods, heroes and Biblical figures.

The history paintings in this exhibition come from The Leiden Collection, a unique private collection from New York. Named after Rembrandt’s birthplace, the collection focuses on works by Rembrandt and his contemporaries. Rembrandt & contemporaries, history pieces from The Leiden Collection is on view from Saturday 4 February.


More information about Rembrandt and contemporaries

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