The Museum Is Renovating

Nowhere in the world can you come closer to Rembrandt than in The Rembrandt House Museum. We want to inspire the world with Rembrandt and everything related to him. In order to do that even better for future generations, the museum will renovate from October 31, 2022. On March 18, 2023, The Rembrandt House Museum will reopen with 30% more Rembrandt.

More (New!) Museum Spaces

We are increasing the visitor area by no less than 30%, with former staff areas being opened for visitors for the first time! For example, the museum will be adding a third exhibition hall, etching attic, prologue room and epilogue room. The epilogue room, which is located above the student studio, was the attic of Rembrandt’s house. A whole four-storey climb. Rembrandt was last here in 1658; then he had to pack his things and leave the building. After the renovation, we will tell the story of Rembrandt and the house after his departure for the first time. You can also take a moment of rest in the epilogue room before continuing your visit in the modern museum wing.

More Stories

The Rembrandt House Museum is the only museum in the world that is completely devoted to Rembrandt. You will soon experience the story of Rembrandt, his house, his time and his neighborhood even more intensely. With the help of a multimedia tour, the seventeenth century really comes to life. During your visit, you will follow the life story of Rembrandt, from his arrival as an ambitious celebrity artist, to his forced departure due to an accumulation of debt.

More Permanent Demonstrations

We’re bringing back the popular etching and paint preparation demonstrations! You will soon be able to experience for yourself how Rembrandt made his etchings and paint. The paint preparation demonstrations will take place in the place where Rembrandt made his masterpieces: in his studio. Additionally, we are building a new etching attic especially for the etching demonstrations. Here, you’ll continuously discover Rembrandt’s etching techniques, both live and virtually. It’s like looking over the artist’s shoulder.

More Durability and Future-Proofing

In order to be able to renovate Rembrandt’s monumental house with integrity for future generations, we will also make some adjustments that will make the museum more sustainable and future-proof. For example, the attic will be thoroughly insulated, we will recover heat from ventilation air, and sustainable paint and recycled floor wood will be used during the renovation.

“Meet Rembrandt in his own home. Each room has its own story. Here he experienced joy and sorrow. Here he collected art and rarities from all over the world, educated his students and received his customers. Here he looked out over a rapidly changing city. Here he made his masterpieces. Here he became the greatest. With the renovation, we are bringing Rembrandt back to his own home in surprising ways, appropriate for our current time and ready for the future.”
– Milou Halbesma, director of The Rembrandt House Museum

Become Our Friend

You can always count on your friends! That was true for Rembrandt and certainly also applies to The Rembrandt House Museum. Thanks to our loyal Friends Association, we have been able to realize many projects and make great purchases. As a Friend you become part of the inner circle of the museum and you help build the future of the museum. For 75 euros per year you can become a Friend (or make someone our Friend) with two people. On this page you can read more about how to become a Friend, and what benefits you get, such as unlimited free access, exclusive previews of exhibitions, and discounts in the store and webshop.

If you become a Friend now, you will receive a unique, hand-made print after an etching by Rembrandt as a gift! You are also invited for an exclusive preview of the renovated museum during our festive reopening week in March 2023.

The renovation of The Rembrandt House Museum is made possible in part by

and private donors