Like so many museums and cultural institutions, The Rembrandt House Museum faces great difficulties due to the corona crisis. This is why Willem Jan Hoogsteder – collector, dealer and chair of the Hoogsteder Museum Foundation – together with his wife Karin Hoogsteder decided to support the museum in a special way: with the gift of a painting from their private collection. The painting Shepherdess in a Landscape was made in 1641 by Ferdinand Bol, one of Rembrandt’s most famous pupils. This work will go on view as the museum reopens, in the Salon, the room where Rembrandt lived and slept, in The Rembrandt House Museum. In the same house, Ferdinand Bol took instruction from Rembrandt in the seventeenth century.



There will be much new to see shortly in Rembrandt’s old house. Besides the recent gift of a painting by Ferdinand Bol, there is a parade of six new additions of old and new masters on the walls.

A merry company by Adriaen Brouwer, Peasants Playing Cards in a Tavern from 1624/25 has made its entrance in the former living room. We know that Rembrandt collected works by the Flemish Brouwer, including a “piece with players”. It remains unknown, if this was that artwork. The painting is a long term loan from the art dealer Sander Bijl. A couple of steps further, in the entrance hall, a black man proudly looks out to us in the painting The Baptism of the Eunuch from 1630-36 by Rembrandt and assistants, a loan from the collector couple George and Ilone Kremer. Under the upper, colourful paint layer that was executed by Rembrandt’s assistants, something special is hidden: a sketch by Rembrandt himself.

The old masters are joined by work by two new masters: contemporary artists Iriée Zamblé (1995) and Timothy Voges (1993). During their residency in Rembrandt Open Studio (2020) they made new work inspired by Rembrandt’s depictions of the old. Four paintings by the young makers will be on view in the permanent display in Rembrandt’s home.


Back to Then: Rembrandt’s Courtyard

At the beginning of 2021 a new chapter will be added to the story of Rembrandt’s house: the inner courtyard will be set up based on historical sources. This was the place where among other things the cesspool was and where Rembrandt went to use the outhouse. The completion of the renovation is anticipated in April.