January 13-22: free workshops at The Rembrandt House Museum

UPCOMING: Glenn Brown – Rembrandt: After Life

New TV commercial of The Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt’s First Paintings: The Four Senses

Rembrandthuis x Heleen Blanken x Amsterdam Dance Event

Lecture by Jürgen Müller: Rembrandt’s Night Watch and the Man in Red

Heavenly Rembrandt 2016

Dutch debut of Rembrandt’s Head of Christ at The Rembrandt House

Rembrandt’s birthday 15 July: Rembrandt Art Festival

May 22-29: Free etching workshops


  • Glenn Brown - Rembrandt: After Life

    From 27 January to 23 April 2017 the Rembrandt House Museum presents the work of the contemporary British artist Glenn Brown (1966) in Glenn Brown… Read more »

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