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Every week, we highlight an artwork that is part of the collection of The Rembrandt House Museum, or currently on view at the museum. Today we would like to show you this artwork that is currently part of our exhibition Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck: Rembrandt’s Master Pupils: Govert Flinck, Rembrandt as a Shepherd, 1636 (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam).

In his well-known painting of a shepherd with Rembrandt’s features, Flinck portrayed his teacher wearing fanciful dress – a laurel wreath on his head, a flute in his hands, and a shepherd’s crook resting on his arm. The cool bluish tones and smooth surface reflect the sweet and gentle atmosphere associated with the new fashion for pastoral themes in the arts, occasioned by the popularity of the Italian stage play Il Pastor Fido published by Giovanni Battista Guarini in 1590. Flinck had made the painting as one of a pair. Do you know what other painting belongs to this one? We’ll show you next week?

On view from October 13th in The Rembrandt House Museum and the Amsterdam Museum: the exhibition Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck – Rembrandt’s Master Pupils. Many paintings are coming together from all over the world, from museums and private collections, for this double exhibition in Amsterdam. Some of them will be back in the Dutch capital for the first time since the seventeenth century. The exhibition explores the mastery of Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck in the seventeenth century at two locations that complement one another: training in Rembrandt’s studio versus independence in the art market.
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