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The Sydelcaemer or Anteroom was the room where Rembrandt received his guests. And it was in this elegant room that he conducted his art dealing business. He entertained his clients with a glass of wine from a marble cooler, as we can deduct from the inventory. The clients would sit on one of the straight-backed chairs.

Overnight guests could sleep in the box bed. The walls were covered with dozens of paintings from which the client could choose. Rembrandt sold his own work and that of his many apprentices. He also dealt in paintings by other masters.

The wooden frame around the Anteroom doorway, like the chimney-breast, appears to be made of marble, but is actually painted. This sort of ‘marbling’, designed to deceive the eye, was very popular in the seventeenth century. The classical columns supporting the mantelpiece are real marble.

We can also see the seventeenth-century fashion of making materials appear to be something they are not on the box bed in the Anteroom. The dark sections of the oak box bed look like ebony, but are just painted.


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