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Visitors entered Rembrandt’s house through the impressive Entrance Hall. Chairs with leather seats stand around the walls. There is another chair on what the inventory describes as a dais—a wooden platform under the window. Anyone sitting there could watch the comings and goings in the street outside and would also be out of the cold draughts.

There is a carved oak cupboard against the wall. We know from various documents that a cupboard stood here in this room. It belonged to Hendrickje Stoffels, who joined the household after his wife Saskia’s death and became Rembrandt’s mistress. She kept her personal possessions here: expensive linen, silver cutlery and gold jewellery. According to eyewitnesses, the cupboard and its contents were worth 600 guilders. Because it belonged to Hendrickje, the cupboard didn’t have to be sold when Rembrandt went bankrupt.

There are a great many paintings here. The walls were covered with them. The paintings in the Entrance Hall were for sale. Rembrandt was an art dealer as well as an artist, a not unusual combination in those days. There were paintings by Rembrandt himself, but most of the works were by other masters.

Rembrandts Rooms Entrance Hall

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