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Every week, we highlight an artwork that is part of the collection of The Rembrandt House Museum, or currently on view at the museum. Today we would like to show you this etching by Rembrandt that is currently part of our exhibition Rembrandts etchings: Highlights of the Rembrandt House collection: Rembrandt, Abraham casting out Hagar and Ishmael, 1637.

When her marriage failed to produce any children Sarah sent Abraham her bondservant Hagar, who subsequently bore him a son, Ishmael. Eleven years later Sarah herself bore a son, Isaac, upon which she forced Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael into the desert. Although their situation seemed hopeless, they were later saved by God. This story, particularly the dramatic moment of Hagar’s departure, was one of Rembrandt’s favourites and was also popular with his pupils.

Rembrandt is one of the greatest graphic talents of all time. From April 28th until July 23rd 2017, The Rembrandt House Museum is staging an exhibition in which the magnificent etchings by Rembrandt are on display: Rembrandts etchings: Highlights of the Rembrandt House collection. A selection of some thirty etchings from the museum’s collection will give visitors insight into the artistic and technical aspects of Rembrandt’s printmaking.

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