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Rembrandt’s colours, with their richly varied combinations of hues, continue to inspire the public as well as creative industry into the present day. For this first edition of RembrandtLAB, designers Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters investigated Rembrandt’s use of colour in order to interpret it in ceramic form. They see the foundation of their work as “the poetry of nature, history, colour and landscape.”

The last of Rembrandt’s paintings to be translated into ceramic colours by Kolk&Kusters for the exhibition, was the earliest of the selected works. The self-portrait (1628 | Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) depicts the head of a young Rembrandt lit from behind, with the face cast in shadow. The refined touches of colour in these areas of shadow especially appealed to the designers.

The exhibition RembrandtLAB is on view at The Rembrandt House Museum for just one more week. More information:

RembrandtLAB Rembrandthuis museum Amsterdam

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