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This morning we shared a detail of an artwork on our social media pages. Did you know what artwork that is? You can see the answer here below: Rembrandt, Pupil, Drawing a Plaster Bust from c. 1641.

Rembrandt, Pupil, Drawing a Plaster Bust, c. 1641. Etching, state II (3), The Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam

This etching illustrates the common notion in the seventeenth century that a pupil or apprentice could only achieve the highest level of perfection in his craft by constantly practicing.  In this etching the pupil is studying the light effect of a candle on the model. Rembrandt mostly had more advanced pupils working in his atelier, but in his inventory we can find many plaster models. Also more advanced pupils had to keep up on their basic skills, just like every musicians keeps practicing his or her scales.

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