Transcription 3

Jan Six, ‘De grote Pandora’ (The Large Pandora), 1650-1700

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Whoever is rich is envied, whoever is broke is avoided,
who then has friends?

Torrentium instar (dry rivers)
False friends are like the rivers in the summer
dry when you need them the most
and sundials in dark weather.

This is not friendship, but conspiracy.

The sum of friendship is friends are fair.

Friendship increases happiness, and reduces misfortune.

Bonds of virtue are by necessity more narrow
than those of blood; a man is certainly closer to
the honest man, by imitation of virtue, than a son is to his father,
in the likeness of the face.

Cavende inimicorum incendie et amicorum invidia quod ultimum ego diu expertus sum

Avoiding the intrigues of enemies and the envy of friends
I have been doing for so long, I have become an expert. J. Six

One should not praise anyone so highly
that one cannot later (if he errs)
criticize him.

A friend, not an enemy.

Ex terra singulis annis, ex amicitia quo vis momento
fructus proveniunt

Prosperity reveals the man, adversity his friends.

One should not tell one’s friends any more
than one would want one’s enemies to know

Tell your friend as much as you would
have your enemy know

A good friend increases happiness and
reduces unhappiness

They complain more about the loss of their money
than of a good friend

One employs a painter who has painted portraits
well, so also one looks for a friend
who has had good friendships with others


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Be no-one’s enemy, a man’s friend
a goal that leads to peace

Look out for your friends
keep far away from people who have power
to kill

Obstinacy is praiseworthy whenever it upholds the truth

Eadem cupere eadem odisse inter bonos amicitia,
inter malos factio est.


Jan Six, Pandora en vroedschap (Pandora and City Government), after 1667

Friendship                    Friend of my heart

In times of need one finds out who one’s friends are, in times of prosperity even more. In as much as they show no envy.

One must do good to one’s friends as to oneself, this is because things will then go better for us.

The friendship that one makes over wine,
is pissed out again against the wall.

Friendship is the salt of life.

Friends in need
weigh as much as twenty. (are worth as much as twenty)

The greater naturally needs the lesser.
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A vine growing on an elm.

Benevolence is kindness towards that which one regards as lesser than oneself.

Amicitia equal  (i.e. convivial)
Amor superior  (i.e. aspiring)

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The object being a part
and you a part, together
make a whole.

Have a friend, no enemy.

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Be a man’s friend
No-one’s enemy

Self love blind or seeing
causes virtue as well as mischief

Pay less attention to the friends who helped you prosper
if they then failed to prevent misfortune, because
whoever forgets an old friend will need him the most.