What’s happening in The Rembrandt House Museum? Here you will find more information about our 2021 exhibition program.

New Acquisitions in The Rembrandt House Museum

From the end of January 2021

At the end of January The Rembrandt House Museum will present a number of new acquisitions – gifts, long-term loans and purchases – crisscrossing through the permanent installation in Rembrandt’s old house. Come get to know remarkable paintings by Rembrandt’s pupils and associates, and let yourself be surprised by contemporary art in unexpected places. More information will follow.


Back to then: Rembrandt’s Courtyard

From April 2021

At the beginning of 2021 a new chapter will be added to the story of Rembrandt’s house: the inner courtyard will be set up based on historical sources. This was the place where among other things the cesspool was and where Rembrandt went to use the outhouse. The completion of the renovation is anticipated in April.


Hansken, Rembrandt’s Elephant

1 May – 25 July 2021

Hansken was the most famous elephant in the seventeenth century. The only elephant in Europe at that time, she travelled to markets, fairs and courts. When Hansken was in Amsterdam Rembrandt saw her and drew her a number of times—a perfect excuse for The Rembrandt House Museum to bring Hansken’s story to life again in this exhibition for young and old.

Hansken’s story is amazing, but at the same time moving. She had to endure a great deal during her life; she was forced to make long journeys and perform very frequently. This exhibition will also consider animal welfare and suffering from a contemporary perspective. Hansken, Rembrandt’s Elephant features drawings and etchings by Rembrandt and his contemporaries, paintings and a digital map on which you can trace Hansken’s route through Europe. Astonishingly, Hansken’s skull has been preserved and will be brought in from Italy especially for this exhibition.

The exhibition is based on a concept developed by Michiel Roscam Abbing (author of Rembrandt’s Elephant) and Anneke Groen (collection manager of ARTIS). 


Hello Rembrandt!

14 August – 28 November 2021.

Discover, learn and play with Rembrandt. The exhibition Hello Rembrandt! is back in The Rembrandt House Museum, now specially for our youngest explorers from around 3 to 6 years of age. Did you know that red paint was made from lice eggs? Or that Rembrandt had a special room at home with all kinds of amazing things, such as shells, spears and dress-up clothes? In this mini-exhibition you go to work yourself. Play with the figures in The Nightwatch, dress up as Rembrandt, and mix different colours with the help of a projector. Discover the secret of Rembrandt, at his house.

Hello Rembrandt! was initiated and organized by the Mauritshuis, The Hague, and presented there in the summer of 2019.


Raw. The Aversion to Idealisation

18 December 2021 – 10 April 2022

Showing things as they are, without idealising – this is the core of Rembrandt’s work, but also of many contemporary artists. They look at people, the human body and at themselves with the same unfiltered vision.  The group exhibition Raw. The Aversion to Idealisation features the work of 10 contemporary artists, such as Melanie Bonajo, Natasja Kensmil, Rineke Dijkstra, Alex Farrar and Verena Blok. Although their work goes in various directions, they have something significant in common:  they are tackling the same themes, problems and experiments – but almost four centuries later. Raw. The Aversion to Idealisation is the first in a new series of exhibitions of contemporary art in The Rembrandt House Museum.