Upcoming exhibitions

What’s up next? Here you will find more information about our 2022 program.

Rembrandt Revival

11 June – 30 October 2022

Manet, Morisot, Whistler, Cassatt — these are only a few of the famous painters who were inspired by Rembrandt and started making etchings themselves. This sparked an international resurgence of the art of etching between 1850 and 1940: the Etching Revival. The artworks from this period are experimental and innovative, with striking compositions and surprising techniques. Rembrandt was an important source of inspiration for these artists. The Etching Revival was therefore also a Rembrandt Revival. 

The Rembrandt House Museum recently received a generous donation of international etchings from the collector Neeke Fraenkel-Schoorl. From 11 June, dozens of highlights from this collection will be on view in our exhibition Rembrandt Revival. In the accompanying audio tour, Neeke Fraenkel-Schoorl guides you personally along some of her favourites. In addition to the exhibition, The Rembrandt House Museum will also organize engaging and inspiring activities, including etching workshops and a RembrandtLIVE talkshow and podcast. 


Museum Renovation

1 November 2022 – 6 February 2023

Starting November 2022, The Rembrandt House Museum will close its doors for a renovation. In three months time we’ll make our plans for a more accessible, complete, multi-voiced and sustainable museum a reality. Five new spaces will be added, which will ensure that visitors will experience Rembrandt’s story more intensely. We will also bring back the popular etching and paint preparation workshops in a specially designed space, create both a prologue and epilogue space where the story of Rembrandt’s bankruptcy and the history of the building are told, and add a third exhibition room. In addition, we want to develop a new, multi-voiced multimedia tour in twelve languages, which will give visitors more insights in Rembrandt’s life and time. For more information about our so-called Masterplan and how you can support the museum (in Dutch), visit this page: https://www.rembrandthuis.nl/steun/