The Kroniek 2020

The moment has finally arrived, of the launch of the new Kroniek! The Kroniek has long been the periodical of The Rembrandt House Museum. Founded in 1947 – nearly 75 years ago already – it first served as a newsletter for the museum with information about exhibitions and new acquisitions. But starting in the 1960s the Kroniek grew into a scholarly art historical periodical with articles by prominent Rembrandt specialists. The periodical appeared annually in ever thicker and more beautiful issues, until 2009. There were subsequently two issues, in 2011 and 2016, after which production ground to a halt. We now wish to revive the tradition. We will publish one issue per year, but then in a new form: the Kroniek is turning digital. This is not only less costly – an important argument in our threadbare times – but it will allow much greater access for international scholars and fans of Rembrandt.

In the Kroniek we present scholarly articles on anything that has to do with Rembrandt. It can be about great insights or minor discoveries. Topics from Rembrandt’s life will be on offer, but also his work, his pupils, followers and of course his house. The articles will be in English or Dutch. For the first digital Kroniek, the 2020 issue, four articles along these lines have been selected. They are about the pupil Heyman Dullaert, the tourist Burchard Grossmann, the pupil’s atelier of Rembrandt, and the identity of the man we long thought to be Eleazar Swalmius. In addition we pause to commemorate the passing of Rembrandt scholar Ben Broos. We hope that the Kroniek will address a need, and contribute to the enrichment and expansion of our knowledge about Rembrandt, the remarkable artist about whom the last word has not yet been written.

The Editorial Board: Erik Hinterding, Epco Runia, Leonore van Sloten, Ilona van Tuinen and David de Witt