Work of the Week #103

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  1. Yes surely true because brush of muse as same with the words they carry colours and music together ,so in a day two different voices with the words I can write because the muse of life works in the different way of life.
    Capilano Bridge first book writings different voice,Footnotes is also different voice and technique and One love rehearsal also different voice but Capilano Bridge second book writings really difficult to me because writing a book is like a waves of the ocean now this writings has to be top or I can fall down and lost down on the ocean but you know me Rembrandt is forever on me with his love ,he carries immortal muse of love I saw his real work on the Ontario museum I looked at the paintings eyes and it is living ,I don’t want to talk any other painters because his love is immortall.On the second book Rembrandt and I with a voice of life so much struggles we can find the heaven I hope.Govert Flink on this painting look at the shadows of her eyes it made a mask that is a symbol of her immortality and shepherdess also the evidence of immortality

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